Tuesday, 31 December 2013

We Are the Best Choice for You

Dear Sir/Madam,


I hope everything is well with you!


My name is Sandy from H&C Printing Center, Xiamen, China and I obtained your info from the Internet. I understand

you may be interested in our Printing Services.Please allow me to introduce you to our company.


1, we have the most advanced equipment- Heidelberg and best quality paper material. We Specialise in catalogues,

periodical magazines, brochures, flyers, children's books, calendars, stickers etc related to printing, etc.


2, Good quality, we have much experience in the printing field for almost 20 years, and we service clients worldwide.

Most of them have become our long-term partners.


3, our price, we always try our utmost to offer our clients the most competitive price, and I am sure our prices will

be much lower than your local supplier. Also our service for our clients is another important element which makes us

strong in the printing market. We will always put our customers first, offering them first-class service.


Anyway, actions speak louder than words. So why not take action now, tell me your specific requirements such as

the size, material, quantity, lead time etc and let us take this chance to prove ourselves above words?


I hope to hear from you and look forward to building a business partnership with your company.


Please email me back on admin@hongchengco.com if any interest. Your any reply would be much appreciated!


Best regards




Friday, 18 October 2013

The cost for your printing job

Dear Sir or Madam,


I hope are having a nice day!


I am writing to you to introduce you to our company, H&C Printing Center Ltd, based in Xiamen China. Having

looked at your excellent website, we can see that your company would greatly benefit from our printing services.

We provide perfect quality printing, competitive market prices and good service.


We are a leading manufacturer in China and exporter of printing services to Europe and North America. We have

done a lot of excellent works for our clients and gained good reputation. Our products include picture albums,

magazines, catalogues, labels and stickers, hang tags, packaging boxes, booklets, flyers, playing cards, calendars, etc.


Our printing price is up to 35% lower than the cost of your local printers.


Whatever, whether we are a faithful printer should not be praised by ourselves, but you. So would you like to

try us and score our services?  Please just offer me details of your printing jobs on admin@hongchengco.com ,

we surely will offer you quality goods in competitive prices. You will lose nothing if a quote is asked for,

but getting one more choice for suppliers, wont' you?


We are looking forward to working together.


Yours sincerely,

Kee(admin@hongchengco.com )


Friday, 9 August 2013

Perfect Quotation of Printing

Dear sir or madam, 


How's everything going? 


We owe your name and address to the international commercial counselor, maybe we can offer

printing service for you, and a friendly long-term partnership is expected to be built between us.


As you know, quality is the life of a company. On the basic of the concept of customer first, H&C

Printing Center spares no effort to cater for different need of our clients, and continually perfect

our products. 


Our quality goods, first-class services and very competitive prices have won us a good reputation;

all of these help us maintain a friendly partnership with many corporations all over the world.


Here's our information for your reference. 


1. Business scope:  we offer the printing of catalogues, periodical magazines, brochures, flyers,

children's books, calendars, stickers etc.

2. What we can offer: low price, high quality, and professional service and fast logistic…

3. Our advantage: Our printing price is up to 35% lower than the cost of your local printers. 


Product best in quality and low in price isn't your pursuit? All you need is here in H&C. If you need our

service, please feel free to write back and kindly offer the specification to us, so we'll give a competitive

quotation to you. 


Your early reply is appreciated. 


Kind regards




Saturday, 16 March 2013

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