Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Somewhere in SD

This isn't my cellphoto, but this is Kerin's. She sent me this in a text msg during her lunch. And earlier, we were talking about roaming the streets of a foreign country or laying on a meadow watching the clouds pass by. This is her parking lot near her work... my parking lot looks like sh*t compared to this... haha

Gloomy LA

It's October, and you'd think it would start to cool down a lot more. A few days ago, LA saw some gloomy clouds looming overhead and misty showers... but the next day, we were back at 75 degree weather... Where are you Autumn?


I got the camera straight for once. Usually it tilts but I just got lucky

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Back to the mini-fro

I finally cut my hair. Everytime I cut my hair, I feel like a new me... and I don't exactly know why... but I do.